START Academy

8 Weeks. Solve a Start-up Challenge. Leave an impact.

1+1>2: START Academy's promising benefits

We want to give STARTies the opportunity to do a short but intensive 8-week internship at a Startup founded by START Alumni. If your StartUp needs some Women- and/or Manpower from young, motivated people or if you are a STARTie looking for an opportunity to get to know the working life in a young StartUp, click on the according section below.

Benefits for STARTies

Get direct exposure to the start-up world and way of working. Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and expand your skillset.

Apply your skills to solve one of the posted challenges, directly contribute to the success of the start-up and leave your footprint.

Not sure what you want to do? 8 Weeks of a start-up deep dive may bring a bit more clarity 😉

Benefits for Alumni Start-ups

Get fresh view on things that can break the status quo and valuable contributions.

Define the scope and skillset required to complete task. We do the matchmaking and find the intern with the right skills who shares your visions.

Find future talent. 50% of last batch’s interns extended their stay with the start-ups. 

Intern Testimonials

This was my first time working in a start-up and I just greatly enjoyed the vibes. It’s a bit messy sometimes but all in all it’s a lot of fun! 


BizDev @ Places Rocks

This was actually for me the first time working for a real start-up. I really enjoyed working for such a dynamic team and to feel the impact of my work! 


BizDev @ VITAS

What I learned was how I get into a creative workflow and that I really enjoyed the work atmosphere and how to work independently in the team! 


Marketing @ Movaco


The most burning questions are answered below.

This depends on the Start-up. Best practice at the moment is to hold it completely via Home Office but we encourage you to enable visiting opportunities. We are working on a system to exchange dorm rooms for STARTies. 

Prior Startup experience is not a necessity, but of course always welcomed. As to improve matchmaking, Startups can specify the skills and profile they are looking for to tackle their challenge.

Kick Off Event is on 29. March 2021. The duration of the program is 8 weeks. It officially begins on 12. April 2021 and ends on 04. June 2021. 

The program is completely voluntarily. However, payment details can be negotiated with the partnering Start-up.

Currently we conduct this program only for START members. Please make sure your Chapter is part of the current Batch. Apart from the membership, you must be at least 18 years old and be enrolled at a University.

Yes, you can. We will proof on a case-by-case basis whether you are eligible.

This you will have to discuss with your Start-up, although as a rule every intern gets a confirmation for her/his internship. START Nuremberg will provide you with an Academy participation certificate as well. 

Please consult with your University. As stated above, START Nuremberg will provide a certificate which will include the total amount of working hours. 

The Start-ups are going to pitch you projects they are into. You will have the possibility to add your preferences. There will probably be more than one 🙂