The next generation of entrepreneurs

Since 2003, we provide our members with the network, insights, skills, and resources they need to found a startup - from finding ideas and co-founders to getting mentoring and financing. Leveraging the initiative of our members and network of partners, we offer a wide range of program formats.

our members

Currently, there are 51 active members at START Nuremberg. Our members have diverse backgrounds and experiences - ranging from students in their first Bachelor semester to serial entrepreneurs. We strive to support each of them in their unique personal development.

START Academy

The START Academy program connects international students and companies within the European Startup system for a project-based internship.

START members on stage  at START Summit

START Summit

Once a year, we are hosted by our partner chapter in St. Gallen. There, we take part in the START Summit and meet up with the entire START Network.

START Exclusives

Thanks to our partners, we can provide exclusive opportunities to our members. This ranges from workshops to events such as Bits & Pretzels.

We also have Fun

The monthly regulars' table serves to enable members to present and discuss their experiences and ideas directly with the board members and heads of the respective departments. In addition, current topics are discussed, and upcoming problems are dealt with. Networking and fun are also in the foreground of the monthly meetings. Attendance is not mandatory, but highly recommended to learn about current issues and to make friends.